Life of Socialite #031

Lately, I’ve been getting beezies (especially ones my guy friends hooked up with OR had one night stands with) come up to me to say hi. I would introduce myself & they respond WITH ATTITUDE “Yeah i know…we already met before..thanks” while rollin their eyes back.

One in particular…I have not seen her in maybe 1 1/2 years ago… i only met ONCE…recently came up to me and did the whole “do you not remember me” bit. Of course not. it was almost 2 years ago. and we never hangout. Before she even gave me the chance for apologizing for not remembering, she then shoulder checked me and said “maybe if you take your sunglasses off you’d remember…” followed by “you’re obviously too cool for me..” and storms off! DAFUQ. Talk about sensitive. I don’t have time for that.

Moral of the story: TRUE friends of mine get to know me… everyone else is on my 86ed List… hahahah  ‪#‎byefelicia‬

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Life of Hotel Worker #012:

A woman met two guys who she claims as “friends.” The three of them checked out. They had time to kill before their flight so they were all going to go out to eat. As part of our customer service, we first asked the woman if she would like to store her luggage here at the hotel, she said “no, I’ll store it in my car.” We then asked the men, but the lady intervenes and said “no, they can store it in my car as well; we’re going out to eat anyways.” Next thing you know, the police show up at the hotel. Apparently, the men have stolen everything in her car and vanished. Police came to investigate the cameras as well as get guest information. After writing reports and speaking with the police, the lady came clean and admitted she handed her keys to the men because she thought they were just going to get something out of their bags in the car. She realized it was taking them forever to get back in the restaurant and then realized they were gone. So not only did she get her stuff stolen, she ended up with the restaurant bill too. SMH

Moral of the story: don’t be this basic b*tch. 

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Life of a Socialite #016:

This morning texts…

"I’m so Hungover"
"When is your next gig?"
"Nice job yesterday!"
"Bitch. "
"have a good day today!"
"call me after work"
"what are you doing tonight?"
"afterhours tonight?"
"don’t forget to pick up your sister"
"Have an amazing day BF"

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Life of a Socialite #002

Random nights are the best nights and in this case it was a whole weekend of sitting front row of a LIVE Italian reality show. LOL thank you boys for adopting me and speaking ONLY Italian and making me guess what you’re saying LOL literally it was like 20% English the entire weekend! also props for being my Italian wall against the creepers who tried to get at me and loved the heart to hearts. Y’all are like brothers from another mother and awesome yall took care of me! Now i’m going to hide from you guys…haha too much Italian testosterone in one seating

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Life of a Hotel Worker #030

I think it’s fair to say “treat someone how you would like to be treated… otherwise..”

I had a guest who wanted a both meeting space and room block, but wanted the rate he wanted in 2007! First off, things have changed my friend. Second, you want to book during a convention that’s coming to town. Third, you’re already giving me attitude in which I haven’t given any info yet. 

So what do I do? I offered the rates at twice it is now. Waited for him to complain… then say…ok just for you i’ll negotiate it down to this. Sucker, thought I gave him a discount.. little does he know… he’s paying the normal rate. If he was nicer, I’d give him that discount. But no you pissed me off. Moral of the Story? Don’t piss me off. End. Scene.

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Life of a Socialite #010

Talking with the bartender…

-Hi, my names Isabel, friends call me Izzy
—“You don’t remember me do you?”
-Well there’s a question you don’t want to hear often. Sorry my bad dude…where do I know you from?
—“WOW, we hung out a couple times, we have the same friends”
-Well shooott, I feel super bad. So sorry I forgot! Can I use the drunk get out of jail free card? 
"If you put it that way, its all good, how bout a shot on me to start fresh?"
-How could I say no? Cheers! 

Moral of the story… forget more names to get more drinks?!? LOL

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